CLI Driver

ton <command> [arguments...] [options...]

The ton command line tool is the driver for the reference implementation of TON. It supports evaluation, validation, formatting, and conversion of TON code and data files, and provides a language service for use in text editors.


--color <color>

Specifies when to use colored output (auto, always, never).


ton check

ton check <input>

Checks that a TON file evaluates successfully.

For a code file, this command runs the script to completion and discards any resulting data. For a data file, this command just checks whether the file parses successfully.

ton convert

ton convert <mode> <input> <output>

Converts between TON and other data formats.

Valid mode values are:

  • xml2ton: Convert an input XML file to a TON data file.

  • ton2xml: Convert an input TON code or data file to an XML file.

Note that conversion is done on a best-effort basis; some niche language constructs may not be translated.

ton format

ton format [input] [options...]

Formats a TON code or data file according to the official formatting conventions, or optionally in a minified fashion.

If no input file is given, this command reads from standard output and --fix will be ignored.



Enables automatic in-place fixing.



Enables printing diffs instead of formatted code.



Enables minification instead of normal formatting.


ton info

ton info

Prints runtime environment information.

ton reduce

ton reduce <input> <output>

Converts a TON code file to a data file.

This command runs the script to completion and outputs the resulting data using the official formatting conventions. If this command is invoked with a data file as input, it effectively functions as a roundabout ton format.

ton serve

ton serve [options...]

Runs the TON language service.

The language service can be used by e.g. the Visual Studio Code extension.



Enables standard I/O communication.


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