gc-run - the Graph Code runner


gc-run [input] [-i] [options] [--] [arguments...]


gc-run executes a Graph Code module, either through just-in-time compilation or interpretation.

There are a number of requirements for the input module:

  • It must have an entry point function with a signature that is compatible with the standard C main function.

  • It must be targeted for the host machine and operating system.

  • If it uses an external libc, it must be the same libc that gc-run uses.

  • If the -i option is specified, it can only call external functions if gc-run is able to find and load libffi on the host machine.

    • Even then, there are edge cases that libffi may not be able to handle.

If the input file name is omitted or it is set to -, then input is read from standard input.

Any arguments/options that are not recognized by gc-run will be passed through as arguments to the executed module. -- can be used to explicitly end argument processing by gc-run so that all subsequent arguments are passed through.

Any diagnostic messages are written to standard error.


  • -h, --help: Print usage information and exit.

  • -v, --version: Print version information and exit.

  • -i, --interpret: Use the interpreter instead of just-in-time compilation.


If the given module fails to load or execute in some way, the exit code will be non-zero. Otherwise, the exit code will be whatever is returned by the module.


  • NO_COLOR: If set to a non-empty value, disables colored diagnostic messages.




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